About Us

Heronetta Management was created in 2008 to take advantage of the significant opportunities in the midstream energy sector, and aims to achieve growing, secure tax-advantaged income. Significant increases in U.S. natural gas, natural gas liquids (“NGLs”) and oil production since inception have led to a period of major infrastructure growth. Heronetta Management invests in companies within this sector that own logistics assets, (pipelines, storage and processing), which handle various commodities, (crude oil, natural gas, NRLs and refined products), and are available as publicly-traded master limited partnerships (“MLPs”) and related C-Corps. Heronetta Management focuses on yield investments, especially those which may have growth potential. With a combined 40+ years’ experience, Heronetta Management believes this sector provides an outstanding income opportunity, with current expectations for average yields in excess of 8-10%. The companies that Heronetta Management invests in own real assets, which are critical to the U.S. economy in both inflationary and recessionary periods, and compete in markets that have very high barriers to entry.